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    So as you all know, we’re very high risk for covid. If we get sick with covid, it could potentially be life threatening. Has anyone here been infected with covid? How did it affect your diabetes? I’m extremely worried about covid and what it might do to me if I catch it, so I’ve quarantined myself pretty much this whole time. I really don’t want to risk my life.

    What happens if a diabetic person gets covid?


    Covid19 scares me quite a bit. The fact that it has closed up a lot of the country and could be fatal to us. I still work, but I am very cautious about everything I do. I don’t want to catch it, as I got a little bro who is living with me right now and I don’t want him to catch anything either.


    I guess they are two very distinct diseases, and they may not have any unique effect on a diabetic compared to any other person. But since covid-19 is a viral infection, and attacks the immune system, a diabetic may have a weakened immune system due to the underlying conditions, hence they are more succeptible.


    Thank you for posting on this incredibly important topic. I keep following statistics and there is some controversy although consistently I’ve seen in type 1 diabetics have higher death rates and complication rates than type 2. Three times the risk overtype to according to a report in October. But then I saw a contradictory report saying that we don’t have a higher rate of risk for death. It’s very confusing and I’m sorry there is a lot of undiagnosed people so we can’t really get good statistics except for those who are hospitalized. I really wish there was more personal sharing of people who have been infected and know it. There’s just a few postings online that I could find. I follow anything preventive or potentially . For instance there was a tiny study out of Singapore I think that showed people treated early on with a cocktail of a vitamin B type, vitamin D and magnesium. I don’t know the dosages or types of supplements. They did relatively well with her early treatment with only two dying out of 17 and others preventing ventilation. These were for people over 50 but they were not diabetic. I’m hoping they’ll do wider studies to really get data. We are on our own where I live. The doctors are basically denying care to some disabled people they don’t think Worthy to get care even before rationing was a risk. Rationing and death of diabetics has occurred at extremely high rates across pandemics and a lot of states don’t seem to be following the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act by denying us and putting us at the back of the line if there is rationing and even before there is rationing. So I suggest everyone take extreme precautions including getting the best quality medical masks you can. World Health Organization changed their guidelines and said that the high risk should have medical masks. Given that the medical doctor is so you know maybe saying that you’re not worthy of treatment if it’s in competition with the healthy person, the best thing is to stay out of trouble obviously and make sure you’re getting masks from a reputable source because there’s so many fake ones out there. And make sure your masking and distancing in the home if you live with other people who are at any risk to get sick. Other than that I hope people will post about their experience. Personally I’m trying to stay out of the hospital and medical offices despite many instances since March when I could have presented for care. It’s frightening that the risk is high in medical settings and even more frightening that some doctors are encouraging patients to come in if it’s something suitable at home according to reports I’ve heard. So yes covid-19 is extremely frightening. If anyone has success dealing with medical systems and governance that basically says we don’t have a right to medical support in a hospital setting whether or not there is rationing, it would be great to hear stories about that as well. Stay safe everyone. We are on our own and thank you for this website for giving a chance to find support or at least common experience.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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